Natal Uranus in the 6th House

Uranus, being the most eccentric planet, feels rather uncomfortable in the sixth house. Indeed, its urge for freedom does not comply with the nature of the house, which is work and service towards others. Also, the 6th house is highly responsible for health issues, and Uranus usually brings unexpected troubles concerning the native’s body, mostly if it is adversely aspected.

The sixth house is responsible for work and service and having planets inside this house can be rather unfortunate. If he is the owner of a company, his employees might be better than him in his job, while their actions towards him are uncontrolled and they tend to end up running his business as they want. The curious thing is that in the end, this might bring financial gains to him, but at the same time will definitely hurt his ego.

In case he serves other people, the native’s attitude towards his work is rather rebellious and he feels his job being some kind of imprisonment, from which he yearns to escape. This can frequently manifest in reality and the native will quit jobs, but more problems can arise because his rapid decisions have not planned the next step, resulting in periods of unemployment. The best way to work is with flexible schedules that give him a lot of independence and freedom, both in his work schedule and his decisions. A great way is to work through the internet, as Uranus rules technology and offers him the necessary distance from co-workers, while he can also schedule his time in a preferable way.

In case that Uranus in the 6th house is positively aspected, working through the internet or otherwise getting involved in technological jobs is a great decision for the native. Other jobs that should go well are those concerning electricity and mechanics. Inventing new types of jobs could also go quite well; Uranus likes discoveries and likes to offer genius ideas from out of the blue. A person with Uranus in the 6th house can become a great inventor, when Uranus is positively aspected by Venus, Jupiter and other planets. On the other hand, this does not guarantee success; such type of inventors usually stay unknown unless there are planets in the 10th house making positive aspects to Uranus and other astrological points that signify fame. One should have in mind, however, that adverse aspects could bring accidents, and the native who has them is advised not to work with electricity or machinery as this could severely harm his health. The worst indicators are squares, oppositions and conjunctions of Uranus with Mars, Saturn and Pluto.

The presence of Uranus in the 6th house can bring unexpected diseases, which are mostly connected to the nervous system or mental health. During the early years of the native, the placement could signify a lot of stress due to excessive hard work, which can manifest as nervous breakdowns or other psycho-somatic diseases. It depends on the sign in which the cusp of the house lays; Aries brings problems of the head, Scorpio brings unexpected issues with the reproduction system and so on. There is a high possibility of stroke or other nervous diseases in the latter stages of life. Parkinson, Alzheimer or other mental debilitation issues could also appear. Search for squares, oppositions or conjunctions with Mercury in the natal chart; if they exist then you are in a danger group. Also, Uranus being located in Gemini or Virgo makes you vulnerable to such kind of health problems.

The native with Uranus in the 6th house must be careful with his health and frequently examine his body, as Uranus is responsible for sudden changes and not chronic diseases. The best thing he can do is keep his body in a generally good condition, in order to overcome any possible disease quickly. The most important thing they should do is concentrate on living a carefree life, as it is his worries that are responsible about such kind of diseases. Focusing on general well-being will diminish any effects that these sudden health issues will have.

The sixth house also refers to small animals, and the native should be careful as there might appear difficult situations concerning bites or diseases passing to him from them. In addition, he should not be involved in farming and breeding of animals, as his business might be unsuccessful and there is the possibility of great losses.

A good way to trigger the positive traits of Uranus in the 6th house is altruism and service towards individuals and the humanity. When the individual is involved in volunteering for good causes, when he offers to the community without waiting for something in return, the negative traits of Uranus are diminished, thus having also an impact on the body and possible health issues. Also, all types of meditation, yoga and other spiritual exercises are calming down the nervousness that Uranus brings, and keep the body balanced, preventing possible mental diseases to appear. The native has to find ways to calm himself and abolish his worries, and this can frequently come through dedicating time to nature. Indeed, his frequent involvement with technology is accumulating explosive energy in his natal Uranus, and passing time in nature away from anything technological can heal him.

Women with such a placement should be rather careful when Uranus is also squaring their Moon. The nervousness that derives from their job can influence their period cycle and create problems with its stability, while also induce hysterical outbursts. Generally, all natives that have such a placement should reconsider their priorities and understand that their job is not the most important thing in their life and that a healthy body and soul is much more important. It may be a burden to carry such a placement throughout your life, but there are conscious options of empowering the good parts of it. And when we allow Uranus to function properly, it can only bring positive changes. It is the resistance that we impose to changes that makes this eccentric planet malfunction in our chart, and then that tends to give troubles.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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In reality true service can only come from a place of freedom. History presents this clearly. When one is in compliance to any authority, tradition, ideology or pattern, service is limited or divisive. Uranus negates status, hierarchy in society and within the personal psych therefore it would represent the purest form of humanitarianism. Planets in the 6th house are not unfortunate and astrological traditions mean nothing to the awakener. It is a matter of perspective. For some it can be tremendous strength in compassion. I am well into middle age and have never had any form of heath problems or accidents due to Uranus residing in my 6th/Libra . And this with the Sun, Saturn squaring Uranus and Moon in conjunction. Squares are not a point of dread. They are indications of possibilities for a multitude of changes, far more so than fluid aspects. Animals are drawn to me as I am drawn to nature. I have never been harmed by them. My 10th is also in Aquarius. And I do not put up with this servitude to security that the masses are conditioned by. You have the strength to quit a job and become your own master while at the same time making this world better for all. Remember this, it is all in your mind my friend. What you think you become…


This is very upsetting there’s no way anyone has a risk for those diseases from just a aspect 😡😡😡 in reality those thing cancel out like have if a asc In Virgo