Natal Venus in Capricorn

With your natal Venus in Capricorn, this winter earth sign will blend with the planet of affection, giving to it a lot of reserved characteristics and making it overly cautious. Venus is generally governing pleasure and what attracts us, attachment to material things and subconscious urges to claim and make something our possession. It rules what we appreciate and brings us comfort, and of course feelings that can be described under the category “love”. Capricorn energy will make the native quite conservative concerning love, thinking in rather old-fashioned ways and definitely not liking showing affection in public. They tend to suppress their feelings, and will not do a first move unless they are sure about their emotions. Stability is a necessary ingredient for their relationships, as well as being in control.

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, and has planet Saturn as its ruling celestial body. Capricorn is also the natural ruler of the tenth house, which rules our career, status and how the public perceives us. This will make Venus in Capricorn individuals quite strategic in their decisions, when it comes to conquering another person’s heart. In addition, it will make the native rather persistent when trying to obtain a desired person or object. Yet, the cold and suppressive kingdom of Saturn is not considered the best place for the energy of Venus to bloom. Capricorn can be too serious concerning love, which may diminish the magic and freedom that love itself implies.

In the sign of Capricorn, Venus is in peregrine condition. Peregrine is a rather neutral condition, where a celestial body does not function neither very potently (as it does when in domicile or in exaltation), nor is very weak (as it does when in detriment or fall). Still, Venus in Capricorn feels rather challenged, as these surroundings are apparently rather restrictive for it. The playful nature of the planet of love meets criticism, and can become rather mute. A Venus Capricorn is not only suppressing his own traits of affection, but also those of their significant others. Gestures of romanticism are perceived as something rather awkward; such individuals prefer to see affection in a more pragmatic and sensible way. They tend to see affection even as some type of a business deal, subconsciously implying that it can be bought and sold. They may try to obtain it through offering services or things that are valuable to the other individual, and will usually expect similar gestures that will show that this relation is of common benefit to both. Additional information about Venus’ potency in each sign can be read in the article about Venus’ Essential Dignities.

We should note that Venus needs around a month to move to a next sign, and is the second quickest moving planet, as it is located very near the Sun. Also, it cannot be more than two signs away from the sign where the natal Sun resides in. Once per year and a half, Venus has a period of retrograde motion, where it moves backwards for apparently 40 days in the natal chart. Venus is impersonated by the ancient Greek god Aphrodite, who was the goddess of love, pleasure and beauty. Also, she is strongly connected to procreation, and naturally represents the divine feminine as an archetype (together of course with the Moon as it is the one side of the Sun-Moon dual axis).

When a native has his natal Venus in Capricorn, he will be rather slow in their movements to conquer another individual. They will first observe him and his behavior, and even impose tests to discover the other person’s reaction. Such people will not rush to commit, but in case they do it, they expect loyalty – and a long-lasting relationship. Naturally, they want to feel in control over the other person and will frequently see him as their possession. In return, they offer to the other individual stability, while also frequently support in their career. Yet, with such a placement expect emotions to be rather diminished. Capricorn Venus people usually are not romantic, preferring to stick to more realistic parts of a relationship and its function.

A Venus in Capricorn native would never choose a significant other that the public would not approve. We shouldn’t forget that Capricorn rules the 10th house, responsible for our public image. Thus, they usually are attracted to individuals that seem serious, are also career-orientated and that can only enhance their own public image and status. A Capricorn Venus would not hesitate in many occasions to form a relationship because it would provide them career options, or empower their social status. Still, they would not bow to a strong significant other – their love of being in control just makes them overly dominant.

When a native has his natal Venus in Capricorn, he may be attracted to people that are of an older age than him. He cannot stand individuals that are overly-sensitive, and whose mood is frequently fluctuating. They adore it when the other person is well-organised, and has stable routines in their daily life. Unpredictable characters are definitely a no-no, and can only bring nervousness to a Capricorn Venus person.

This natal placement will definitely enhance any workaholic tendencies that the chart owner already has. They can fall in love with their career, and for long periods not needing any physical or sentimental contact with another person. Venus here is acting rather egoistically, and personal success feeds her a lot more than another being’s love, tenderness or even compliments. Venus in Capricorn desires power, and becomes especially thirsty about power over the masses. It translates their admiration towards the native as love, and may prefer it over being loved by a certain significant other. Curiously enough, it is not only when the masses admire him that a Capricorn Venus will quench his thirst of affection. It will receive the same type of pleasure when the masses respect him, or are afraid of him. People with this placement would not even hesitate to become cruel over others, just in order to impose control. This makes Venus in Capricorn a potentially dictatorial and tyrannical placement, which can only be compared to Venus in Scorpio concerning possible extremes that it can reach. Of course, for such extremes, we need to have a bunch of other difficult aspects towards natal Venus, particularly from malefic planets such as Mars, Saturn and Pluto.

Speaking of the difficult traits that this placement can give, if Venus is adversely aspected, it can bring quite a bit of difficulties concerning love. The native might have experienced cruelty from either his grandparents, or his mostly dominant parent (usually the father) during his childhood. There can be tendencies to reproduce such a pattern towards his beloved ones. In such an occasion, it might even influence the native’s fetishes, including sadism and torture as a way of reaching the top levels of his libido. In any case, if you have this placement and observe such urges, try to resolve any possible affection traumas. It is rather unfair for your significant other, to experience cruel behaviors that he does not deserve.

When it comes to family, a Venus in Capricorn person will only proceed if he is sure that his future spouse is a reliable person to carry this burden. They always think beforehand not only about how they feel about creating a family, but also about the responsibilities this will bring – including the financial ones. Thus, they will frequently choose a spouse that can seriously contribute on all levels, and that shares the same visions about how to structure their everyday reality. Financial stability from both sides is usually a mandatory parameter for such a natal chart owner to proceed in planning big steps in life, such as a marriage bond. After all, one of the things that are really important for such people is not only to procreate, but also to pass a legacy (or even an empire!) to their descendants. They value such traditions – which possibly have also passed upon them from their own ancestors, and this also makes them choose their spouse very strategically.

We should not forget that Capricorn is one of the coldest sign, which definitely has an effect on one’s feelings. When we meet a Capricorn Venus person, we should not judge him because of the lack of warmth that his feelings can appear to have. Instead, we should understand that for him it is rather difficult to express them, at least very quickly. Thus, such people are the ones who mostly need to feel this warmth from other people, in order to be able to show their own. Be kind to them, and the possible ice that surrounds their heart can start melting. Still, a Capricorn Venus will never react quickly towards emotions. They value the long-term stability of feelings, rather than impulsive short-term ones that can fade away as quickly as they appeared. This placement can frequently be a parameter leading to some form of depression. Such individuals can have periods where they feel cold inside, especially when Saturn forms some transiting aspects to Venus. Such periods may be connected with feelings of being unsuccessful at work, or generally doubting about their worth. Yet, all transits pass – and the best remedy is to support Venus during those cold times through random small daily doses of happiness.

When a Capricorn Venus is well aspected in a natal chart, the native can be very lucky in the life area that the sign of Capricorn rules. We should not forget that Venus is considered to be the most benefic planet after Jupiter. It will bring unexpected pleasant events concerning the house it resides, and generally help things flow easily. On the contrary, bad aspects to Venus can bring quite a lot of problems mostly connected with over-abstaining from pleasures. Venus is considered the planet of wealth, so Venus in Capricorn can become quite stingy. Such an individual may spend a lot less for his happiness, than is generally needed to have a healthy soul. It is necessary to allow ourselves to indulge in things that bring us joy, and many of them can indeed be bought. If you have this placement, have a look at your finances and what you spend on – you might discover that you hold yourself on a tight lace, when you could actually easily offer at least some small treats to make your reality more beautiful. After all, you deserve it, since what you have gained is with your own sweat; do not hesitate to make presents to yourself!

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Venus in Capricorn not being romantic is a huge misconception.

I have had several bonds with people who have this position and I do have it as well. In fact, about a third of my whole birthchart is in Capricorn.

Capricorn Venus is romantic, but it takes a lot of time within a relationship for them to reveal that side.

A lot of my (past) friends have this position and NONE of them dislike romance, in fact it is quite the opposite.

Please rearrange this article. It makes us Capricorn Venus people seem a lot more cold hearted then we are. We enjoy some good romance witb candles and sensual seductions, just not right of the bat and not if we are to busy arranging our “stuff” in whatever house Venus is located.

Greetings 🕉


I have this placement. Mine is in the 5th house. I am a female, and my husband did not ask me to marry him. I presented him why we should be married, and the financial benefits of said union. This has been a common theme for me. Yes there is love, however with all partnerships, it has to be profitable for both parties. Even when I was dating people, I would calmly inform them of my expectations, and if they could not be met, then it was not going to work out. When I first met my now husband, I told him unless he was ready to settle down into marriage with in 3 years to not waste my time or his.

So, it seems this placement for me has made me clinical, regimented, and practical to a fault when it comes to love. What others call “cold” or “unromantic” I feel is more “realistic” and “stable”. I never wanted or even liked a partner who attempted to sweep me off my feet as it were, that type of romance is short sighted. Strangely in my eyes such shows off affection come across as a weakness in character. I wanted a partner who knows loyalty, fairness, and being together at the end of the battle is what really counts.


I’m a Cap Venus and the only thing that’s accurate in regards to my love life is taking a while before making the first move. Everything else has always been totally false.