Natal Venus in the 12th House

When natal Venus is located in the 12th house of a person, its beneficial rays are spreading into the dark side of one’s personality. By saying dark side, ones’ mind should not think about anything negative. The dark side implied here is mostly what the person does not know about himself, or hides from the world. The subconscious, the unconscious, is also part of the twelfth house, as a terra incognita which most people cannot fully explore or understand in themselves. The twelfth house also rules everything that suppresses the native and whatever has to do with confinement. It is the house of fears and occultism, and the warm Venusian light can have a deep impact on the person’s psyche, mostly beneficial.

As the 12th house is responsible for solitude, the native enjoys having his privacy, being occupied with his own hobbies and interests and even not speaking about them. This would not happen due to some special reason, other than the love to keep some things strictly to one’s self. When Venus is in aspect with other planets responsible for art or creation, the native can even have creating art as a secret hobby, and not sharing it with the world – maybe only with very special people to his soul.

Venus in the 12th house can make materialism and possessions seem guilty to the person. It is not uncommon that such a native feels shame to show off his belongings, activities or self-indulgent tendencies, while at the same time dedicating a lot of time and wealth in obtaining them. There can appear obsessive shopping patterns, especially when Venus is with any aspect to Pluto or Jupiter, while the native alternates between feelings of happiness and guilt afterward. This type of actions can also stimulate his eroticism, as can also secret presents from lovers, especially if they are involved in illegal or unconditional affairs. A love for sugar and candies can also be present, again wrapped in a feeling of guilt and secrecy.

People that have Venus placed in the secret 12th house, always tend to develop hidden love affairs. This does not necessarily mean that they should be illegal, but mostly that they prefer to hold them away from the eyes of the community. Of course, illegal affairs can also be present, and if Venus is negatively aspected with Mars, Uranus or Pluto, the native should be very careful because such kind of aspects usually lead to dramatic consequences. The affair can be either uncovered, or problems of jealousy can appear. Both the native and the lovers he attracts can be of a dramatic nature, with frequent scenes of quarrel and intense emotions. Of course, this, on the other hand, can bring very intense sexual relationships; the pattern of love/hate relations is frequent to appear.

The 12th house Venusian has artistic abilities; nevertheless, he is often afraid to exhibit his work. He does not believe so much in his power, while he spends more time in fantasizing a life of an artist rather than dedicating time and effort in becoming one. There is a definite presence of potential, but unless supported by other planets the results would be mediocre. Even if the native with Venus in the 12th house creates great art, he tends to underestimate his chances of success, and not a lot of effort is put in promoting them inside the system; the person prefers to daydream about possibilities that could happen, while the creations are being left in a drawer or in a closet.

Venus in the 12th house adversely aspected can signify indulgence with alcohol or drugs, which can also be hidden from all the nearby people. Alternatively, it would attract lovers with such kind of problems, which could also start spreading to the owner of the chart. This does not necessarily involve substance problems and getting addicted, but even nurturing the significant other and being near him while he is in trouble can definitely be an issue for the native itself. Such a placement can easily make the chart owner to get lost in love and finding it difficult to keep his own identity when with his partner. This can let people take advantage of the native, especially when he is feeling loved. During the native’s childhood, love as a concept could have been criminalized by the surroundings. Thus, the person has linked affection and love with being forbidden or immoral, and it is this exact way of thinking that makes him tend towards hiding his emotions and keeping his private life away from the lights of the community.

If Venus in the 12th house is located near the Ascendant, it starts projecting itself into the first house too, having an effect at the same time on the native’s body. Venus tends to give a lot of beauty and harmonic physical appearance, with the colors of skin and hair tending to be smooth and light, brownish or sometimes blonde. There is a big possibility of being victims of stalking and obsession, as Venus projected through the Ascendant can be quite vulnerable in this subject. Other people can clearly see the Venusian physical characteristics of the native, and if hard synastry aspects with Mars or Pluto are awakened, then the body can become a target of obsessive behavior. Of course, this can be better observed by the overall condition of Venus, but in case there are natal indicators in the native’s chart about this subject, the smartest thing is to be careful of people with obsessive characters.

When someone has Venus in the 12th house, it is quite possible that he is unaware both of his beauty and of the impact that this might have on other people. The 12th house is a blind spot, it is the things that we have inside us and that we cannot quite understand because we are looking outside. Furthermore, this tendency can be created because of a lack of nurturing during childhood; the parents might not have paid attention to make the child feel beautiful and understand his beauty – and the concept of beauty generally. Thus, when reaching an adult age, the 12th house still remains a blind spot, giving the native a wrong perception of his own beauty. Furthermore, as the 12th house is traditionally ruled by Neptune, the effect it creates when materializing is an ethereal type of beauty, which is promising even if not apparent. This can attract through osmosis all type of people, who are intrigued by the idea to uncover what exactly makes the native beautiful and understand this subconscious attraction that it creates. Of course, psychic vampires are the first ones to be attracted as the native usually is an easy target, unless its 12th house is supported by aspect or planets that indicate protection.

With Venus in the 12th house, there are possibilities of offering voluntary work in institutions, as the house is also governing all places of confinement. With Venus placed there, the volunteering will be done with happiness and care and the native will enjoy it. As Venus is a quick moving planet, this would rather be a short-time occupation, lasting usually a semester before it appears again as a pattern. The placement could also signify spending some time with a dear person that has a sickness or difficulties in taking care of his own self, and usually also does not last longer than some months.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Antonia Monson

I’m always sad to read the negative connotations of the 12th house. I wonder if it is due to a negative view of Neptune generally in a world that on the whole does not value the inner life. I have several planets in the 12th including Venus, am an artist (a practicing one,not just a dreamer). I love solitude and need it for my creativity. I find my 12th house creative, beautiful, psychic and magical. I love my time alone, and my mysterious 12th house Venus inspires me to try to create beauty


I have Venus in the 12th house and its only 1 degree away from the 1st house. I have viewed astronomer websites and they show all records for the last 100 years of all exact recorded planet times when rising. At my birthstone Venus was in the 1st 20 mi utes of rising during my birthtime. Astrology websites have Venus rising times showing the beginning point time almost 2 hours off. Anyway I feel my alone time is always going to win…the opposite sex is attracted to me. The people who know me think I’m lucky and foolish because I don’t respond to people the typical way a 1st house Venus would. I think it’s over-stimulation….lol..but seriously my Venus is in Gemini and according to astronomers my 1st house is in Gemini with Venus….or according to astrology websites my 1st house is in cancer and Taurus is in the 12th house with planet Venus in the 12th house…..i have had to turn my attitude 180 degrees to find the positives of Venus in the 12th.. I learned you can’t pursue every person that is attracted to you… for me I get the obsessive people coming to me because I learned to go after the relationship and pursue the person I’m interested in..having people constantly pursue me has never worked..i had to stop being lazy about what I want in a relationship and use some of the pisitive adpects of my inner planets moon,venus,mars…etc..i know who I am and I’m proud of it…it will work for you..just study and combo e the positives of your birthday aspects and work on some of the negatives because with a mindset that is serious you can change the negatives and not feel the 12th house Venus in “prison” traits… Turn it around.. if feel… Read more »


I have venus in 12th @ 26th degree Taurus. it does have an effect on my ascendant and gotta agree with you on working on some of its negative aspects so that you can reveal your true self.


hi Scott,
As per my understanding, results of venus depends on nakshatra in which Venus is placed. Below is in hindi but you can try understating it .

John Doe

I think so, and I don’t feel that Venus In the 12th is negative, either. Generally speaking, our society doesn’t value emotions and true love like we do, and I think the Saturnistic world we live in is responsible for most of the pain and suffering that 12th house Venus goes through.

Debbie Burns

How so true is that John!


Nope We cannot say about negativity or positivity just by saying that Venus in in 12th house. It totally depends upon nakshatra and Sub-lord on which it is placed.

sylvia mendez

I agree it negative perhaps because it is not from this world. All my life to other family and friends it appeared to them I was alone after my two divorces. They would say I am so sorry you are alone and what will you do. I would turn to them in a quandary. Alone? Never alone my Beloved Creator is with me always. Since a child, I went to Catholic school and I went to church every day, I longed and loved the communion with the Divine. It fills every cell of my being, The human can’t understand things of the Spirit, I have never cared about what others think. Thanks to My Venues in Aquarius, in the 12th. In School I always had a group of followers (all boys about 10 to 15) may be the Scorpio Moon Placement In addition to my Pisces Sun & Rising, made the be a magnet but it was true in the workplace as well lots friends but boys only. Never into getting along much with girls, I have two older brothers and they were pretty tough on me. grateful it made tough, So I could not relate much to girls who whined so much. NO PITY here, If you want to be happy make up your mind and simply JUST DO IT> I love this placement and so grateful for the incarnation.

Insane Venuse

Venus in 12th house is a nightmare and I pretty much hate it. All those idiotic illusions, delussions and daydreaming, fantasy lovers, escapism and unrequited love. All those alcoholics, alcohol abusers and stalkers hitting on me, and not a single time somebody I actually like. I don’t have the energy to deal with it, I’m so exhausted, so I’ve just given up on all things romance. I’m a coward, I know, but I just don’t feel like dealing with it anymore.


Foolish! Do not give up on love. I’ve promised myself I’d never give up on love and, on most of my previous situations, I was the obsessive person, not the obsessed. I just couldn’t help not falling in love for a best friend, for beautiful unreachable women, for impossible, forbidden relationships. Nowadays I’m chill and I’m sure love will come right for me within time.


Does anyone suffer from isolation. I have venus and mercury in my 12th house and I can honestly say I walk a path of a loner! There are a lot of messed up people out there and people who cause drama, those are the people I avoid but if I try and make connections with others in general they don’t seem to want to resonate with me and actually put up barriers. The patterns keep repeating themselves and I have just accepted it as normal even though it’s far from that! It is like I am invisible. Does anyone with these placements experience the same isolation?


Yes I have similar experiences, I also consider myself as a loner. Friends although comes easy to me, I do not put much of an effort to keep it going because there is so much of drama that comes after and they get very clingy. But I’ll be very honest I absolutely love the time I spend just with myself, I love to draw and I just love to put hours and hours into that all by myself, it’s like a never ending joy to me, I enjoy other hobbies as well. Other things which are mentioned in this article are very true, I’ve been in unrequited love, sometimes attracts women who are emotionally hurt, people open themselves very easily to me.
It feels more like a healer energy to me, like I need to fix these people and help them.


In my experience,, location is key. Venus in 12 is miserable in the Midwest, in my experience. Not on coasts.