Natal Venus in the 1st House

Venus is the most beneficial planet after Jupiter, and the house where it is placed is usually blessed and prosperous, offering to the native the best traits that it can give. When Venus is located in the 1st house, the house of the self, its effects can be noticed not only in the native’s life but also on his body and general appearance.

Having the planet of beauty, Venus in the 1st house is an indicator of an attractive and charming person. If the planet does not receive a lot of challenging aspects, the native is kind-hearted and diplomatic, a tender soul that easily attracts other individuals. It tends to give a lot of physical beauty, a great sense of style in clothes and manners, and the native dedicates a lot of time on his body and appearance. When Venus is positively aspecting Mars or placed in Aries, the body is not only beautiful but also athletic and the native will spend a lot of time on physical exercise to keep a good shape which usually lasts until his later years.

Venus is a feminine planet, and thus women with Venus in the 1st house are definitely some of the most attractive ones. This occurs no matter in which sign it is placed, but the sign definitely has an influence on what type of beauty the native has. Frequently, other people will copy the native’s clothes style and he will tend to be the first to catch new trends in fashion. If Venus forms an aspect with Uranus or is positioned in Aquarius, then the style would be rather eccentric and bizarre. When the native is a man, Venus might give him some feminine characteristics; yet this has little to do with his sexual orientation. In fact, when Venus is located in a man’s first house, he could easily be a womanizer. The harder the aspects Venus receives, the more self-indulgent the man would be. His natural charm can make him a firefly in the eyes of women, and if Venus is in a square or opposition with Pluto then he should get prepared to receive obsessive behaviors from them, a lot of jealousy that can even reach stalking. In case that Scorpio is also involved, the effects of such type of feelings and situations will be even stronger.

Love and affection are a priority for people with Venus in the 1st house, and they prefer to be in some kind of relationships all the time. They like to feel attractive, enjoy compliments and like having a significant other who fulfills their internal needs. They usually are in love with themselves, and can sometimes even use other people as a mirror, to shine towards them so that their own rays of love return to themselves. This is mostly done subconsciously, and usually does not harm either the native or their partners, unless difficult squares, oppositions, and conjunctions with Pluto exist.

A problem that can appear when Venus is adversely aspected, is the inability to perceive their own beauty. The native might be very attractive yet will just focus on small details that he does not like. Thus, there is the possibility of general worries about their appearance and constant frustration, which can lead to extreme decisions and even mental diseases such as anorexia. Of course, most people with difficult aspects to a 1st house Venus just tend to mumble about parts of their body that they dislike.

The natives are fond of art and beauty and enjoy everything that falls in this category. They like to please and to be pleased with a delicate atmosphere and beautiful material objects, and frequently will spend a lot on enjoying artistic performances or obtaining objects of beauty. They love decorating their room and house artistically, but will even more often invest time and money in what they wear. Their way of speaking and approaching others is also very gentle and polite, and they follow the social protocols that make other individuals open up towards them very easily.

People with Venus in the 1st house are very diplomatic and can easily reach compromise. Thus, if the cusps of the 6th or 10th house are located either in Taurus or in Libra, their personal charm and skills can be of great power in a job that needs such a physical appearance. People with such a natal placement can succeed in any type of jobs that involve their physical presence for sales, such as real estate. Also, they are great for negotiations with other companies, as their presence can influence the outcome on their side.

Even if Venus grants all the gifts mentioned, the native with Venus in the 1st house sometimes does not realize the blessing he has. It is frequent for them to have a low self-esteem or high standards for themselves, and when they understand that they fail to reach their own standards they can become passive-aggressive. They want to be liked by everyone, and this makes them quite vulnerable, as there will always be someone that will not like them. Unfortunately, they would constantly concentrate on that one instead of considering the reactions of all the other more appreciative ones, which in the end makes them unhappy.

If Venus is in Pisces, or aspecting Neptune, the native can get in big delusions and self deception in his life. His perception of himself is largely dependent on his likes and dislikes, and a very common phenomenon is to see the world through some artificial lenses that do not at all correspond with reality. On the other hand, this might not be totally negative, as the native can happily build his own beautiful world and live in it; this will mostly happen when Venus is trining or sextiling Neptune. In any case, most people with Venus in the 1st house are narcissists. Some less, some more, but the seed of self-adoration is always present and ready to bloom. But, what else would we expect from Venus, the Goddess of beauty and love?

The closer Venus is located to the Ascendant, the more effects will her beautiful rays have on the native’s body. The further from the Ascendant, the more effects she will be having on the image, the clothes and the belongings. This happens because the Ascendant is responsible for the physical appearance and the body, while the second house for material belongings. It is easy to understand that when Venus is rather close to the second house, her rays have an effect on it too, mixing the native’s ego with the native’s possessions.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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This is so true. I have venus in first house in cancer and pluto is in 4th house. I strongly need always appreciations from others. I like to appreciate others too but do not get same from others. It makes me depressed.Neptune is in 5th place and moon in 7th place from venus. Any further analysis?