Natal Venus in the 3rd House

When Venus, the planet of beauty, is in the third house of a native’s natal chart, all affairs ruled by the house are enhanced. The third house rules communication, siblings, short trips and learning, while also affects a lot of artistic abilities connected with speech and hand craft. The warm Venusian energy allows the native’s communicative abilities to flourish and when other positive aspects exist towards the benefic planet, it can even create great artists.

This placement of Venus gifts the native great abilities to create beautiful speech, no matter if it is through writing or talking. It usually signifies having a very pleasant voice also, and positive aspects with planet Neptune can create a great singer. The person knows how to uses words, which in turn can make him indulge in manipulating other people, although this is rarely done as part of a cunning plan. The beauty of the native’s words can flatter and his compliments will definitely help him handle people that surround him; nevertheless, there is a tendency to gossip a lot which can get the native into trouble if there are squares with Mars or other “malefics”, especially if the “malefic” resides in the 12th house.

The native had a rather pleasant childhood, especially if Venus is located near the cusp of the 4th house. School was a great and fun experience, and it was quite easy to learn everything that was taught. The child did not need to invest a lot of time in learning, as the information provided was easily absorbed by the young mind. Language learning was one of the most interesting things, and the native will probably learn quite a lot of them during his life. Again, he has an advantage compared to other individuals as he needs to invest less effort in learning them than others would do.

When Mercury is also present in the third house, it can create a good writer; if Venus is part of a stellium of planets residing in the 3rd house then the native has enormous abilities to create nearly anything artistic. The presence of Uranus in conjunction with Venus will furthermore enhance the mind and expression, creating a genius whose artistic work might be pioneering. Venus in the 3rd house gives a great talent for poetry, while can also affect the native’s love life positively: communication will play a great role and he will indulge in writing beautiful love letters. Such natives are developing a passion for books, magazines and any other form of written information, which they literally drink; in extreme situations, this placement can even create information-addicts that cannot feel comfortable unless there constantly exist sources of information around them. They always need a book, a computer or their phone available, and being deprived of internet is something that will definitely irritate them.

Venus in the 3rd house does not like loud music, sharp noises and the sounds of the city; the individual will travel a lot of short distance trips to relax, and this will often be a vital part of his reality. They love walking in parks, nearby forests, and nature in general, seeking inspiration in calm and beautiful parts of their city or the outskirts. For them, enjoying their nearby surroundings is a form of meditation, giving them inner balance. They do not enjoy foul language and are repelled by people that do not have polite manners and speech. They do not like arguing because high tones of voice ruin their harmonic state of mind.

As the third house rules siblings, Venus tends to give a pleasant brother or sister with which a wonderful relationship is established from a very young age. The sibling is a charmer, having a lot of affairs and, in general, luck in love, unless there are very hard aspects from Mars, Pluto or Uranus to Venus. It is probable that the sibling is involved in some type of artistic activity too, or something connected with beauty. This could even be working as a hairdresser, or in a clothes shop, beauty products or PR. Curiously enough, the sibling often is of female gender; if it is a male then it might have some type of feminized beauty – even if this only means dressing elegantly and generally taking care of his appearance. Generally, no matter the sibling’s sex, their body and appearance are very attractive, which gives them a lot of power in charming and seducing.

Venus in the 3rd house has the tendency to bring loves and affairs from the neighborhood, and there are high possibilities that the native will live unexpected romances with people who live nearby. Usually, such kind of affairs are unstable, as the third house is by no means a house that grants endurance in its matters.

The native with Venus in the 3rd house has great diplomatic skills and can easily settle disputes. Such kind of people are the best to mediate between two opposite sides, while they also indulge in finding mates for their friends. This placement makes the natal chart owner connect his friends together, often having, as a result, the creation of love couples through such meetings. They generally love being a part of the nearby community; their natural curiosity in understanding how the social groups function makes them be even more deeply involved in community affairs.

An overall good placement, Venus in the 3rd house can definitely cheer up the social life of the native. If he consciously avoids using his powers for personal gains and to control over people, Venus will grant him a very pleasant everyday reality which can heal many other possible difficulties in their life.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Ok I am convinced! I was a sceptic but Astrology is real because I have this placement and I thought something was wrong with me for hating sharp and high pitch sounds. When people start to whine/nag it’s the worst. Wow!!!! Great article you nailed it. But how? How is astrology able to pick up on such details? I’ve never met anyone who shared or these traits yet astrology described me perfectly.




Another great post – nailed it!

Shreyajit Ghosh

Very nice informations. Quite nice analysis. Very very very good effort. Keep it up. Excellent