Natal Venus in the 8th House

When Venus, the feminine planet of beauty, is located in the 8th house of a native, traditionally ruled by Scorpio sign, the ancient Hellenic myth of Persephone and her descent to Hades is being symbolically awakened. The 8th house is among others the house of death and sex, a gate to the occult world and strongly connected with other people’s money. Naturally, when the gentle light of Venus illuminates such a dark house, all of the above are receiving a pleasant and even artistic hue.

8th house Venusians have deep and intense emotions. For them, sex is not just a physical activity but carries all forms of art on it. They are operating in highly sexual octaves, which even depicts in the way they behave in bed. Sex for them is a dance of two opposites, which can even manifest in material reality, as their bodies often express themselves through dance in their private moments. The act of sex can indeed become a spectacle for the eyes of their partner, especially if Venus is in Leo, the sign that governs theatrical acts. This, of course, is not the only occasion; the presence of Neptune in the same house or in aspect to Venus can give the same seductive and artistic effects to their sexuality.

Venus is the planet of love and attraction. Thus, it is natural that natives with Venus in the 8th house desire deep relationships and soul bonding. The 8th house rules sex, but not the casual type that is mostly done for fun. Casual sex is more an issue of the 5th house, which is responsible for all small moments of happiness and joy. The 8th house is strongly connected to the unconscious levels of the person, and thus sex represented here is of a deeper kind, the one that blends and bonds, creates soul-to-soul love relationships, and breaks down the borders of the ego.

Venus in the 8th house brings the ability for deep and intense emotions; on the other hand, this can easily create a jealous personality. When Pluto is also present in the house, or in adverse aspect to Venus, the native can be of obsessive nature. This is even more frequent when Scorpio lays at the cusp of the 8th house; in such a situation the person’s jealousy can reach dangerous levels. When the Moon is also forming a difficult aspect with the two, moodiness and unpredictable behaviors due to its quick movement in the zodiac cycle can bring a lot of turbulence in the person’s emotional life. Possessiveness can be totally out of control, leading the person to extreme actions of despair when he feels that his love life is threatened.

It is very common for natives with Venus in the 8th house to have zero patience with partners that do not grant them a feeling of emotional, bodily and material pleasure. Casual affairs are simply not for them and act just as a substitute until a proper partner is found.

The 8th house is also responsible for inheritance, and the spouse’s money. Thus, people with this native placement can receive big wealth, especially if Venus is well aspected by Jupiter or by other benefics. Otherwise, it can give a good financial situation of the husband or wife at least, which grants to the natal chart owner a good joint income. Together with this financial gain, comes a rise in one’s social status. Usually, such kind of changes are indicated by the passage of a slow moving planet, many times activated through a triangle transit.

Having Venus in the house of death can bring a very pleasant ending to one’s life. It is often peaceful, in beautiful surroundings, giving happy last moments with people they love. This pattern can even signify closing your eyes in the arms of your beloved person. On the other hand, if Venus is very badly aspected by “malefics”, there are even possibilities of dramatic losses in love. This does not have to be a physical loss, but rather a symbolical one, where the adored partner either abandons the owner of the chart or ceases to have the loving role that he once used to have.

Those who are born with Venus in the 8th house have a natural charm that sexually attracts large numbers of people. Many people would not even understand what it is that pulls them towards the native because Venus is hiding in the depths of this mysterious house. Even if the person is not physically attractive, he will see that there exists some strange kind of magnetism from him towards others, running below the surface.

The warm light of Venus is casting dancing shades on the dark walls of the house, and so whatever is taboo and forbidden for other people can be normal and desired by such a person. Death itself ceases to be a fearful enemy. It can be transformed into art, and should an artist have Venus in the 8th house, then his creations will have a morbid yet gentle outlook. In addition, the partners preferred by them are those with a dangerous aura, oozing mystery and darkness. They need them to be irresistible, seductive, and preferably wealthy money is an aphrodisiac for such kind of people and luxury appeals to them a lot. There is a high possibility of attraction towards personalities that are engaged in occult work.

One subjects that the natives with an 8th house Venus should be careful of is being manipulative. By seeing how easy it is for them to attract people like bees to honey, they tend to use them for their purposes. Self-control in this, and also in jealousy issues, will grant the owner of the chart a better functioning 8th house and enhance the energy of Venus. By checking which house cusps fall into Taurus and Libra, one can see which other sectors of his life will be strengthened if Venus energy is channeled in a good way. Also, over-indulging in other people’s money can become a problem, because Venus in the 8th house can easily get used to their presence and take them for granted.

Another way to let the energy of Venus flow harmonically is to concentrate on dancing, theatre and other performances of the body and soul. Thus, both libido and self-love will be heightened, and if one has other important planets placed in houses responsible for professions, a career in these is very probable. Even if one is not interested in making it a life job, performing as a hobby can grant the balance needed in his everyday reality.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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Blue Rose

I hate being a Venus in the 8th house, square Pluto person because I can be so obsessive.
I tend to be drawn to men with heavy pluto/scorpio in their natal chart. I fell in love with a guy who is Scorpio rising and had Pluto conjunct his Sun, Venus and Mercury. His Pluto square my Venus. I’ve stalked him for more than 5 years…I just couldn’t let go.
I’m way too excessive when it comes to love. I love to the point it hurts, sometimes I truely felt like dying. And I can love and hate the same person at the same time with the same intensity.
Falling in love to me is like…drowning. Drowning in the depth of this ocean made of extreme feelings.


I am Venus in 8th house as well. I am also Scorpio rising with Pluto heavily aspecting all personal planets. With Venus trine Pluto almost exact aspect. And I have Gemini Venus- not the type to get after anyone, air with no commitment needs…
Yet, I have a similar situation.
So hard or favouriable aspect to Pluto from Venus brings nothing good.
Obsessions probably come from intense feelings of either to clear karma or to experience strong emotions. If person matches somehow, we won’t let it go because it is rare opportunity…for us.
So it is not obsession itself a problem, but rather that society implies that this kind of connection is dysfunctional. Is it??
Obsessions are not addictions. It is unmet need and subconscious knowing.
Another thing to mention: if one persons Pluto trine my Venus (because of the same generation) So does everyone else in my age group including lots of people with very close entire horoscope configurations. But only that one person is the center of obsession!
So just one aspect is NOT enough. One planet doesn’t determine the situation. other planets such as Sun and moon Have to be involved and well aspected. There has to be whole interplay of one horoscope to another With multiple touch points of right planets to get it going.

Tejas Nale

Can Venus and moon conguntion in 8th house in leo sign may cause death of spouse?


Woah. Venus Pluto Vesta conjunction in the 8th house in Scorpio. You nailed it