North Node in the 1st house

Having your North Node in the 1st house of your natal chart also automatically means that the South Node is located in the 7th house. This natal placement of the nodes indicates a heavy emphasis on matters concerning your own self and your partnerships in this incarnation.

As the Lunar Nodes indicate Karmic debts and connections with previous lifetimes, the native who has the North Node in the 1st house must concentrate on developing his own independent self during the current lifetime. The North Node indicates the path that the native should follow in order to fulfill his life role, and even if we subconsciously are aware of it, we rarely strive to walk that road.

Usually, we feel quite uncomfortable about marching towards fulfilling matters of the house where the North Node is located. This is because during previous lifetimes we have gathered a lot of experience concerning the South Node house matters. Indeed, we are a lot more acquainted with the roads we have already walked; yet life requires from us to abandon the safety of known patterns and face development through unknown areas.

For fulfilling our cause, the North Node strengthens everything it touches. We might even have fears about choosing the direction it indicates, yet it acts beneficially when in conjunction with any planet present in the house, even “malefics”. Spiritual growth will be eventually reached even if it comes through difficulties, but generally, expect the North Node of the Moon to bless you with an expansion of the positive traits of any planet nearby.

The first house is the house of self, and thus the North Node in the 1st house will require from the native to develop his self-confidence and become an independent human being. He is destined to find his own inner light and shine, abandoning the karmic pattern of shining through partnerships. The native may have experienced being very dependent on partners during previous lifetimes, and now it is the time to grow on his own.

The North Node in the 1st house will lead the native into deep self-understanding, as his goal in this life is to gain consciousness of his uniqueness. Many people with such a placement will not experience successful marriages, especially in young ages. Any 7th house difficulties will be outcomes of the karmic need to dedicate time and effort in developing the self. Yet, later in life and provided the native has learned his lessons and activated the 1st house as needed, a happy partnership is still possible.

The 1st house is ruling the native’s body and physical appearance, and curiously enough the North Node will require from him to pay quite a lot of attention on everything connected to his image and existence. People with the North Node here are destined to learn how to present themselves and will have the task to create their own style and care about their body. This is healthy both for the body and the mind, yet the individual should be careful not to get into extremes and indulge in obsessive behaviors concerning details of his appearance. Instead, he should understand that the appearance is just a projection of his real self, and by developing the soul there will also be a strong impact on how he is perceived by others.

In other words, the big lesson for a first house North Node person is simple: be yourself, love yourself and understand yourself. If you manage to reach self-understanding, you will be able to channel your wisdom into other areas of your life. The sooner you reach the goals that the North Node indicates, the sooner you will be unchained from your karmic path and feel free to choose the life areas you want to develop further. Even towards the exact opposite direction, the one of unification with other people and indulging in partnerships.

If you have your North Node in the 1st house, you should thoroughly examine the nature of nearby planets. They will have a lot to tell you about the direction you must follow. The closer they are to the North Node, the stronger impact they will have to your life goal. In addition, check out for transits of slow-moving planets through your first house, especially from the degrees where the North Node is located. The slow movement of the outer planets will make them even be several years near your North Node, acting temporarily as if they are natal ones.
Further articles will eventually expand the Lunar Nodes series, both about natal aspects of the planets to the Nodes and also of transits.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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