Part of Fortune in the 6th House

Before exploring the attributes of the Part of Fortune in the 6th House, explaining what this Arabic Part is might be needed. The Part of Fortune is an astrological point which can be calculated with the help of the Sun placement, the Moon placement and the Ascendant. It represents the distance between the Sun and the Moon in the natal chart, added to the Ascendant degree.

Depending on whether the native is born during the day or the night, the Part of Fortune is calculated in a different way. For an individual born during the day, we must subtract the Sun degrees from the Moon degrees, adding it afterward to the Ascendant degree. On the other hand, for a person born in the night, we subtract the Moon degrees from the Sun ones, also adding them to the Ascendant. There are numerous free natal chart generators, where anyone can also easily find out his Part of Fortune placement.

We should, therefore, understand that knowing the exact time of birth is of huge importance for calculating the Part of Fortune, as it is connected with the Ascendant. If we are even half an hour wrong about the time of birth, we may place the Part of Fortune in a different house than where it really is.

The Part of Fortune acts as a quite beneficial spot, empowering the matters of any house it is located. In case that it is conjunct to any planet it will definitely force it to function in a benevolent way, while also can mild down many possible negative traits if it is a “malefic”. A strange pattern that can usually appear is unexpected luck concerning the life area that the house represents. The native may not quite understand why such gifts will come to his life, and that is exactly why this point is called “Part of Fortune”. It indicates the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the treasures that the native will discover. This point is a sign of prosperity, so examining its placement may help us understand through what type of things we can reach happiness.

As the Part of Fortune is a fixed point that does not change during time, by observing its natal aspects to planets we can clearly understand the nature of the gifts we can receive. Any time that an important planet aspects the Part of Fortune by transit, it opens the gate of luck. Keep in mind that in case the Part of Fortune natally conjuncts any planet it becomes more potent, so you can say that people born with such a conjunction will be luckier than others. The closer is the conjunction, the more powerful is its influence. We can imagine the Part of Fortune as an amplifier, expanding any possible traits of a natal or transiting planet.

When a natal chart contains the Part of Fortune in the 6th house, great joy and success can come through work. The native may be very lucky in finding jobs and doing very well at interviews. In fact, this placement can bring him new jobs through unexpected and random events. In addition, the Part of Fortune can create very harmonious relations with one’s co-workers, employers or even employees (if someone has his own business).This placement is rather beneficial for doctors, healers, veterinaries and nutritionists.

The sixth house represents our daily routines and health, and the Part of Fortune in the 6th house can grant the native luck in health, while also joy from structuring his daily reality. The person can become really happy by sticking his biorhythms and commanding his own body. Frequently, he will become educated about the body’s functions and will gain pleasure from understanding how it functions. The Part of Fortune in the 6th house may also give joy from scheduling a healthy diet, and the individual will very eagerly study the effects of different foods on his organism.

Another thing that the 6th house rules is pets and small animals, and the Fortuna’s presence in the 6th house indicates happiness through them. The person with the Part of Fortune in the 6th house can have a beloved animal as a friend, while also benefit from breeding animals or through small kettle. The Part of Fortune can bring an unexpected pet; it is typical that people with this placement save an animal from the streets, which after rewards them with a lot of love and affection.

The 6th house is also responsible for keeping details and minor daily responsibilities in order. The native with the Part of Fortune in the 6th house will have an organized life, will not like being late with bills and obligations and will usually finish everything on schedule. He will respect deadlines, be on time in his meetings and receive pleasure for managing to handle his life in a structured way.

Watch out for transits of slow moving planets to the Part of Fortune, especially if they are conjunctions. The trans-Saturnian planets will usually stall for over two years near the Part of Fortune, making 5 or even more conjunctions through transits as they retrograde. Their effects can even be considered quite long-lasting and even permanent due to their slow pace of movement. They will definitely activate the Part of Fortune, and depending on its natal aspects to natal planets you can catch a glimpse about which other life areas the transit will affect.

There can be no general rule about the gifts you will receive from the Part of Fortune. This astrological point will function in a rather unique way for every person, and its benefits will be derivatives of the natal planets placements and transits. Understand that if it is difficult to exactly predict what a planet will give, predicting the outcome of their derivative will be quite more difficult. And this might also be a part of the magic that the Part of Fortune offers; unique and personal presents from the universe to every individual. And presents are lot more fun when we do not know what is wrapped up inside the box.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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What if you have PoF in the 6th but also the South Node? Ironically I’m a very disorganized person – very Pisces in that regard. Alway losing bills and forgetting deadlines. I’ve never mastered routine. Ironic because i have both PoF and South Node in 6th. So do they cancel each other out? lol.


Each planet interpretations in this web site are so true! I really analyze everyone I know, they work great… related to this post, I have Neptune and PoF in my 6th house, and now I’m sharing my experiences and observations:

1-Neptune: I have serious ADHD, BPD, which were misdiagnosed over 20 years! and typically, always having problems with daily routine and logical thinking , which usually cause extreme stress that trigger my episodes – also, in one period of my life ,alcohol problems – and finally, psychosomatic health problems.
(+ My Neptune is also in conjunction with Uranus and Saturn from 5th house, which make it more dominant, complex, and even more malefic.)

2-PoF: I was born in a family of doctors! I have a greater chance to take care of my health than many! and have built great athletic skills since very young! My family culture help me to develop consciousness of my health and support me to live healthy to for a better future.

As we see, Neptune is soo dominant soo delusive here: despite I have doctors in family, I lived with misdiagnose for many years,(but when transit Pluto conjuncted, booom!!!)
PoF on the other hand looks like a unique source. That means, it speaks a different language than planetary bodies. Seems like it doesn’t decrease the malefic effect, but it gives a source to decrease it. It gives the source and say “You have a source! Be thankful and conscious of what you have. Use it wisely, but use it!!”

I think this observations must be true, because there’s nothing else is good in my 6th house 😁😁😁


I really enjoyed this page it just gave me some more insight into the lot of fortune in my chart. I have been a psychic for nearly 40 plus years and am just now getting more into astrology. I will let you know there is more than meets the eye and astrologers are a step ahead of us because they can see into the houses lol …I have been lead to many things that I had no knowledge of why but spirit(God) has a way of bringing you the knowledge you need just in the nick of time….Namaste