The Saturn Return

What exactly is the Saturn Return and why is everyone so scared of it? Is it possible to make this period softer? These are just some of the questions that naturally arise to everyone who knows this term and is interested in astrology. This is the first article of a series on Saturn Return; we will try to create a step-by-step blueprint which will be also later published as an ebook.

A Saturn Return occurs when the ringed planet returns exactly to the same point in the sky, as it was during the moment of the native’s birth. Planet Saturn makes a full cycle around the zodiac in approximately 29 years, and a native might experience the first return anywhere between his 28th and 30th birthday. These differences happen because of the retrograde movement of Saturn; this movement can even make Saturn pass three times over his natal position during the critical years of its return! This transiting conjunction is an important life milestone: we enter a different age category.

During our lives, the most possible is to experience two Saturn Returns. The first one signifies the passage from youth to adulthood and happens as we already mentioned between the ages 28 and 30. The second happens somewhere between the ages 57 and 60, and is responsible for the passage from a middle-aged human to an elder. In rare occasions, a person can reach a third Saturn return, happening approximately at his 85-88 years. People can live a fourth Saturn return in extreme situations only, as one should live up until his 115th birthday to start feeling the effects of such a transit.

This transit usually is a very stressful period, and the matters of the house were this transit happens can evolve in a rather difficult way. The Saturn return is forcing us to become more serious and grow up, to understand our duties towards ourselves and the others and to restructure ourselves for our next level of age. Even when someone’s natal Saturn is well-aspected, the transit still pushes the native to change; nevertheless, this push is rather gentle and not a direct kick. A well-aspected Saturn usually shows that the native will cooperate with Saturn and his needs, and actually, this is the reason why Saturn will not be harsh on him. In case you feed him with what it wants, it will only pressure you towards what direction you should follow. On the contrary, try opposing Saturn Return and you will definitely be slapped by this transit in order to obey. When you deal with Saturnian problems, always remember: lower your nose and your attitude, and start working hard according to its orders. Saturn adores structure and organization, and when you restructure yourself and your reality, its tight grip will loosen and you will exit the crisis stronger and wiser!

During the first Saturn Return, we enter real adulthood. This might be a rather unpleasant experience, as we must suddenly leave behind our carefree years and make the quantum leap towards a life with more obligations. At the same moment, we must be very wise in the life directions that we choose, so that we are able to also preserve the child within us. This stressful period requires finding the balance between two worlds; the world of youth that is ending even if we like it, and the –yet- unknown world of an adult that can invoke a lot of fears. Nevertheless, this process is necessary for one’s evolution, and the best way is to not resist it. The quicker we embrace this transcending task, the quicker we will harvest the result which will follow us for the next three decades of our lives.

During the second Saturn Return, the individual enters his old age, and Saturn again forces him to reconsider his attitude towards his values and life in general. The name of Saturn in Greek is Kronos, which is quite similar to the word Chronos, meaning “time”. Indeed the old age brings a heavy lesson on how quickly time flies by, and pressures the native to start preparing for his time running out.

During the periods of Saturn Returns, one of the biggest burdens is the passage of time itself. While the native is stuck with the Saturnian problem (… or a bunch of them), time is perceived as if it stands still. Minutes seem like hours, hours seem like days, and when these problems are of a nature that needs some months (or a couple of years) to be overcome, the individual will frequently have feelings of despair or vanity.

It is obvious that these transformations are not the easiest periods of a person’s life; we must usually re-adjust ourselves, even by letting go of things we like and that are a stable part of our reality. Frequent problems that arise are connected with the cold nature of planet Saturn: There can be depression, hair loss or changes of color to white or silver shades and health issues. This painful transition can be surrounded by a lot of stress and hard work, while also frequently involves paying dues; both to people, institutes and of course to ourselves.

As Saturn is a planet strongly connected to Karma, our previous lives can have a lot of influence on the events during our Saturn return. A person who has collected good Karma will have a well-aspected Saturn, and these transits will usually flow normally and without a lot of turbulence. On the other hand, the opposite will bring an adversely aspected Saturn; the native will have to pay a lot of debts (most of them non-material) and work on Saturnian issues. The Saturn return might be a lot more difficult in such cases but will definitely make the native wiser (and if handled well, make better karmic balances for the next incarnations).

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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