Key Words for Astrology

By Hajo Banzhaf & Anna-Haebler.

Key Words for Astrology is a compilation of keywords, organized as datasheets, for every Planets, Cardinal Axis, Planets in the Signs, Planets in the Houses and the Aspects between Planets and other Planets, Axis or North Node in the natal chart.
An easy to read book for new students of Astrology, and a quick reference guide for more experienced ones.

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Key Words for Astrology‘s back-cover text:

“This excellent instruction manual for beginning students provides a firm foundation in traditional astrological terms and interpretation. Its format, with planetary glyphs in the margins and superior organization, makes it an indispensable, ready reference work for students of astrology.
We can recognize many types of personality in an instant within these pages!
Banzhaf and Haebler combine their vast knowledge with humor and compassion, making this book a pleasure to read, and one that will be kept within easy reach.”


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