Planets in Composite

Planets in Composite: Analyzing Human Relationships

by Robert Hand.

A composite chart is the combination of two individuals charts into one: the chart of the relationship itself!

  • In the first chapter of Planets in Composite, Robert Hand explains how to draw a composite chart by hand.
  • In the second chapter, he explains what represent each composite house, each composite planet, the composite Moon's Nodes and then delineates the composite Ascendant in Signs, the composite Planets in houses and each aspect between composite Planets, or between a composite Planet and either the composite Ascendant or the composite Moon's Node.

This is the bible to interpret a composite chart!

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Planets in Composite – Analyzing Human Relationships‘ back-cover text:

“Robert Hand has written an important reference book that is much needed in the astrological community. Until the appearance of Planets in Composite no astrologer has written a definitive work about human relationships. Why? Perhaps because the customary technique, called synastry, was just too complicated and unreliable.

Instead, Robert Hand used a technique developed in Germany about thirty years ago. After much research and professional experience, he has discovered that the technique not only works, it is easier to use.

This technique combines two individual charts and creates a composite third chart… a chart of the relationship itself. This gives the student or astrologer a single chart to interpret, rather than two as in the synastry method.

Planets in Composite contains an explanation of the composite technique, chapters on casting and reading the horoscope, five case studies illustrating the use and validity of composite charts, plus twelve chapters of delineations. There are delineations for all the planets (including Sun and Moon) in each house and every major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition). 374 interpretations in all, 300 words each, thumb-indexed for easy reference. And there are 41 delineations of the Moon’s nodes as well.

Planets in Composite is not only the first major textbook to use the composite technique, it is the most complete, in-depth astrology book ever written about human relationships. Robert Hand’s analysis of the composite horoscope has made a significant contribution to the study of astrology.”


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