South Node in the 11th house

Being born with the South Node in the 11th house indicates that the native should give less importance towards being a member of groups and organizations, and instead concentrate on personal recreational activities. In addition, a vital karmic request of his path is to fall in love and experience eroticism, while also have a child or generally dedicate himself to children – even of other people.

As the Lunar Nodes are always opposing each other, an 11th house South Node gives a 5th house North node. That placement has been excessively analyzed in the respective article.
A person with the South Node in the 11th house feels quite comfortable in being a part of a group and interacting with a large amount of people. During previous lives, he may have been deeply occupied with organizations or passing most of his times with friends and acquaintances. The South Node in the 11th house indicates strong abilities of cooperation and probably a rise in power in some group. He has great subconscious powers of influencing groups and knows how to move inside such a society. That can be particularly noticed in people whose 11th house also contains vital planets, powerful by sign or strongly aspected by other planets and points.

The South Node in the 11th house will create a strong ease towards expanding in the same direction, and these patterns can easily reappear. The individual with the South Node in the 11th house may have a tendency to seek new friends and expand his connections. In addition, he may strive to renounce personal responsibilities through being a member of such groups. It is frequently easier to be a “pack animal”, as any actions and decisions can be attributed to the whole group and not to an individual. Thus, an 11th house South Node native may try to live his life easier by throwing off his dilemmas and decisions and dissolving in the larger body of a collective organism instead. In some cases, even memories of groups from previous lives can appear; the young individual will very easily blend with similar societies even in early years. For example, this natal aspect will make the idea of becoming a part of a student fraternity very appealing.

Of course, living the same patterns again does not really help the native progress, as his soul path is now showing a need to move towards the opposite direction and pay attention to his love life, art or children. The 5th/11th axis of the Lunar Nodes is a dilemma that life can impose on someone. It creates the common stereotype of “friends vs love”, and needs a rather careful approach so as to establish the correct priorities. Nevertheless, a transit usually awakens his consciousness and the native will choose consciously to abandon old habits and strive towards new ones.

Curiously enough, benefic planets such as Venus or Jupiter in conjunction with the South Node in the 11th can manifest in such a great way that the native really will not want to change his views concerning group activities. These two planets, especially if well-aspected, will make it very easy for him to operate in his social circles, gaining a lot of pleasure and happiness through his presence there. After all, who doesn’t like being among a lot of people that he likes? Therefore, such a native will have to fight harder within his own mind, as someone does not easily relinquish the joy of being a part of a community, It takes strength and courage to choose walking the difficult road, especially if this means spending more time with your beloved person or your children.

If you have this placement, reconsider your quest of being accepted by others. Such desires might be very sweet to fulfill, yet what your soul really needs is to dedicate more in personal pleasures, maybe even in expanding your artistic abilities. After all, the 5th house matters are mostly joyful: more flirting, more sex, more sports, more games – even gambling. Such activities may include quite fewer people than those of the 11th house but are definitely not some burden to indulge in.

If you the South Node in the 11th house, reconsider your priorities in life. What is it that you really yearn for? What is it that makes you afraid of expressing yourself in creative ways? Why are you trying to hide inside the mass, when you can excel in something personal? Is it somehow connected with your self-confidence? Sometimes this placement can induce fear of falling in love, or of having children. Yet, your destiny is exactly that one, and do not worry: the other node works as a benefit, so it will help you overcome your fears and reach your destination! The North Node in the 5th indicates even a karmic duty to have children. And usually, such children are being born from love, which makes them even more blessed. According to some theories, we choose our parents; so consider that this karmic placement may indicate that a really important person will choose to be born as your first child.

We should hereby note that the South Node is debilitating the power of any planet that it conjuncts, and this can even be quite helpful. Malefic planets are still remaining tough to bear, yet they are losing quite a lot of their potency. Of course, benefic planets are also operating less powerfully. Imagine the South Node as a gravitational hole, sucking energy from the nearby planets- no matter what type. The South Node is the entropy, leading the system of your own self towards stability and eventually decay. On the other hand, pursuing the path that your North Node dictates is literally allowing fresh energy flow to your system, negative entropy that protects your soul from getting stuck in stability (even if it’s of the type that you enjoy).
Do not forget that by fulfilling the life lessons that the North Node dictates, one can safely activate his South Node house again. In this situation, the native will be able to also concentrate on belonging to groups and organizations; however, the only way for it to function well is when the Lunar Nodes come to a karmic balance.

Learn to leave back your South Node and embrace the lessons that the opposite house has to offer. Yes, you will leave quite a lot of things behind. But it is the only way to make yourself rise as a conscious human being, a person who holds his fate in his own hands.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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I have S. Node in the 11th (in Gemini) conjunct Venus. I think the influence isn’t to reduce the power of conjunct planets, but acts like a malefic planet, something like Saturn. I feel very uncomfortable in crowds and shun joining groups. I have been in the “friend zone” so often it was very frustrating. My marriage is without sex and has little physical affection. I think frustration (or blockage, like Saturn) is the keynote of the S. Node. I have had two close friends who proved to be false (11th house=house of friends); one of these got jealous of my marriage and wrote me a poison pen letter. The other said negative things about me to my girlfriend (Venus) at the time. One astrologer said S.Node conjunct Venus meant I misused love in a past life. As to children, I’ve been ambivalent (perhaps N. Node in Sag. in 5th) and my two main relationships have been with women who could not bear children. (I didn’t know this about my wife when I married her.)

Sisters Of The Ethers

could you help me understand my 5th & 11th polarity points. I’m in a bit of a sea saw. I have a Taurus South Node, Vesta,Sun & Mercury in 11th on the opposite my North Node is in Scorpio Pluto & Jupiter in 5th. I feel the fixed signs evenly disturbed in my chart. Also I want to add that I have Vesta in 11th very dominant in my astrology chart more than any planet. Jupiter is her brother and the 2nd dominat energy. I’ve been reading a lot about Vesta and relate with her. I also have Venus in the 12th in Gemini, so for me it is very hard for me to share my art. I am the founder of a humanitarian art collective. My Venus is square Chiron at 0 degree in Virgo 3rd. My ascendenct is Cancer, my moon is Sagittarius 6th. In the Human Design system I am a 1/3, Manifesting generator, Incarnation Cross of the Four Ways, Quarter of Initiation. My life path is a 1, Expresaion is a 6, Souls Urge is a 5, Inner Dreams a 1. My first challenge is a 3. ( which I feel correlates to my Chiron in 3rd). Oh and I’m an INFJ.My favorite musicans are CocoRosie. Their interviews make me feel seen.

I know this is a lot to take in, but I really dig deeply into aspects of the soul.