All posts about the Via Combusta (also known as the Burning Way or Fiery Way) in Astrology, which lies between Libra 15 and Scorpio 15.

Halloween and Astrology The Via Combusta

Halloween and Astrology: The Via Combusta

Have you ever been curious about why various cultures connect the last days of October and the beginning of November with celebrating the dead? In America, we have Halloween, in Latin countries the Dias des Muertos, in Celtic and neo-pagan culture the Samhain and many similar celebrations. Can these feasts be explained from an astrological point of view? The answer is probably yes, and the magic words are Via Combusta. Astrology is a not just the observation of the planetary movements; it is a system developed through the collective unconscious of the human race. In fact, both astrology and the collective unconscious developed together, significantly interconnected. The need of naming the unknown in order to de-demonize it made the people choose primitive archetypes that exist in the depths of their…