The Astro Codex Event Chart

Planets and Points in the Signs

Ascendant in Libra 20° 39′ 05″

Sun in Leo  3° 39′ 21″

Moon in Virgo 14° 07′ 44″

Mercury in Virgo  0° 32′ 09″

Venus in Gemini 24° 04′ 24″

Mars in Leo  3° 50′ 10″

Jupiter in Libra 16° 16′ 57″

Saturn in Sagittarius 21° 53′ 03″  Rx

Uranus in Aries 28° 30′ 05″

Neptune in Pisces 13° 51′ 28″  Rx

Pluto in Capricorn 17° 44′ 00″  Rx

Chiron in Pisces 28° 35′ 35″  Rx

Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius 18° 11′ 39″

North Node in Leo 24° 16′ 42″

Part of Fortune in Sagittarius  1° 07′ 28″

Vertex in Taurus 16° 05′ 25″

Midheaven in Cancer 26° 17′ 30″

Planets and Points in the Houses

Sun in Tenth House

Moon in Eleventh House

Mercury in Tenth House
/!\ NOTE: Since Mercury is very close to the next house cusp, the next item is also relevant.

Mercury in Eleventh House

Venus in Ninth House

Mars in Tenth House

Jupiter in Twelfth House

Saturn in Third House

Uranus in Seventh House

Neptune in Fifth House

Pluto in Third House

Chiron in Fifth House
/!\ NOTE: Since Chiron is very close to the next house cusp, the next item is also relevant.

Chiron in Sixth House

Black Moon Lilith in Second House
/!\ NOTE: Since Black Moon Lilith is very close to the next house cusp, the next item is also relevant.

Black Moon Lilith in Third House

North Node in Tenth House

Part of Fortune in Second House

Vertex in Seventh House
/!\ NOTE: Since Vertex is very close to the next house cusp, the next item is also relevant.

Vertex in Eighth House


Sun Conjunction Mars (orb 0°11′)

Sun Square Uranus (orb 5°9′)

Sun Trine Chiron (orb 5°4′)

Sun Trine Part of Fortune (orb 2°32′)

Sun Conjunction Midheaven (orb 7°22′)

Moon Opposition Neptune (orb 0°16′)

Moon Trine Pluto (orb 3°36′)

Moon Square Black Moon Lilith (orb 4°4′)

Moon Trine Vertex (orb 1°58′)

Mercury Trine Uranus (orb 2°2′)

Mercury Quincunx Chiron (orb 1°57′)

Mercury Conjunction North Node (orb 6°15′)

Mercury Square Part of Fortune (orb 0°35′)

Venus Opposition Saturn (orb 2°11′)

Venus Square Chiron (orb 4°31′)

Venus Opposition Black Moon Lilith (orb 5°53′)

Venus Sextile North Node (orb 0°12′)

Venus Trine Ascendant (orb 3°25′)

Mars Square Uranus (orb 5°20′)

Mars Trine Chiron (orb 5°15′)

Mars Trine Part of Fortune (orb 2°43′)

Mars Conjunction Midheaven (orb 7°33′)

Jupiter Quincunx Neptune (orb 2°25′)

Jupiter Square Pluto (orb 1°27′)

Jupiter Sextile Black Moon Lilith (orb 1°55′)

Jupiter Quincunx Vertex (orb 0°12′)

Jupiter Conjunction Ascendant (orb 4°22′)

Saturn Square Chiron (orb 6°43′)

Saturn Conjunction Black Moon Lilith (orb 3°41′)

Saturn Trine North Node (orb 2°24′)

Saturn Sextile Ascendant (orb 1°14′)

Uranus Trine North Node (orb 4°13′)

Uranus Quincunx Part of Fortune (orb 2°37′)

Uranus Opposition Ascendant (orb 7°51′)

Uranus Square Midheaven (orb 2°13′)

Neptune Sextile Pluto (orb 3°53′)

Neptune Square Black Moon Lilith (orb 4°20′)

Neptune Sextile Vertex (orb 2°14′)

Pluto Trine Vertex (orb 1°39′)

Pluto Square Ascendant (orb 2°55′)

Pluto Opposition Midheaven (orb 8°33′)

Chiron Trine Part of Fortune (orb 2°32′)

Chiron Trine Midheaven (orb 2°18′)

Black Moon Lilith Quincunx Vertex (orb 2°6′)

Black Moon Lilith Sextile Ascendant (orb 2°27′)

North Node Square Part of Fortune (orb 6°51′)

North Node Sextile Ascendant (orb 3°38′)

Part of Fortune Trine Midheaven (orb 4°50′)

Ascendant Square Midheaven (orb 5°38′)



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